Privacy Statement

1. Confidentiality Policy

1.1. Bonelli Lux collects personal data and special information from the clients’ profiles in its web-site, but only with the voluntary consent of the clients, for the following purposes:

  • Confirmation, delivery and invoicing of an order made or coupon (voucher) purchased;
  • Refusal of orders and other problems of any type, related to products and services bought, including a coupon (voucher) purchasing;
  • Provision of access to services;
  • Sending of brochures and/or notices only in an electronic way. ;
  • Contacting a client upon their voluntary consent;
  • Contacting related to:
  • Servicing clients;
  • Statistical purposes.

1.2. Bonelli-Lux may without the consent of the client collect other information (IP address, time of visiting, place from which the internet page has been accessed, title and version of the web-browser, operational system, including other parameters), provided by the web-browser, through which the internet page has been accessed and may be used by Bonelli-Lux for improving the Services, provided to the clients and/or for statistical purposes; except in the cases when the regulations of the Document are violated, if the actions of the Client are to the detriment of the interests or cause any damages to Bonelli-Lux and/or to third persons with which Bonelli-Lux has a contract for joint activity or any other services during that time.

1.3. The client has the right to oppose to the collection of personal information and to ask for its deletion, in this way withdrawing their consent as regards the Document and renounces any rights, described in it, without any further obligation of any party to the other and/or without any party to be hold liable for any damages caused to the other, but only in case of observance of the provisions of  Terms & Conditions of Sale.

1.4. In order to exert its rights under art. 1.3., the client contacts Bonelli-Lux through the contact possibilities, described on the internet page at that time.

1.5. Using the forms of the internet page, the client has the right to change the initially provided by them data in order to declare a change, in case that there is such.

1.6. The confidentiality policy of Bonelli-Lux is based only on information, which is voluntarily submitted by the client to the internet page. Bonelli-Lux is not liable for the confidentiality policy, followed and applied by third persons, which may be reached through any internet links outside the internet page.

1.7. Bonelli-Lux is obliged to use the collected data only in accordance with the mentioned purposes and not to entrust, sell, let for rent, license, transfer, etc. its data base, containing personal and specific information about the Client to third persons, which are not bound with the achievement of the goals mentioned.

1.8. With exception of the cases when the transferring /access/reviewing/other/ is requested by authorized bodies in the cases envisaged by the imperative provisions of the law in force at the moment of occurrence of the event.

1.9. Bonelli-Lux guarantees that the user’s personal data, collected via the contact form, shall be used only until the problem, which the communication refers to, is solved, and after that the personal data shall remain only as statistic information.

1.10. Bonelli-Lux is not responsible for any failures, which may threaten the security of the server, storing the data base, containing personal information.


2. Misuse with personal data

2.1. Bonelli-Lux does not require from its clients or users via communication means (e-mail/telephone/SMS/others) confidential information, bank accounts /data for bank cards or personal passwords.

2.2. Exception from art. 2.1. are only the cases of returning and replacement  and corporative clients, with the purpose for Bonelli-Lux to know the account, respectively the bank, where the client has an account, which data shall be used only for issuance of invoices for orders.

2.3. The client (only and exceptionally) bears the full responsibility for sharing confidential information with third persons.

2.4. Bonelli-Lux shall not bear any responsibility in case the client is misled by third persons, which present themselves as representatives of the interests of Bonelli-Lux.

2.6. Bonelli-Lux shall not spread any unrequested commercial messages in the sense of the Law of the Electronic Commerce. Every client who has explicitly submitted an e-mail to the address of the internet page, may choose to deactivate their client profile, corresponding to that e-mail.

2.7. The contacts made by Bonelli-Lux through the means of remote communication (for example e-mail) contain full and consecutive information about the sender and links to it at the moment of sending.

2.8. The following goals, achieved or not, shall be considered as an attempt to mislead the internet page/its content and/or Bonelli-Lux, and legal measures shall be undertaken against that person or those persons who try or have achieved the following goal(s):

  •       2.8.1. access to any type of data about another client, using Profile or another method;
  •       2.8.2. change or any other modification of the content of the internet page or content sent in any way by Bonelli-Lux to its clients;
  •       2.8.3. influence on the work of the server/servers of the internet page;
  •       2.8.4. access or sharing with third persons, who do not have duly obtained right over Content, sent in any way by Bonelli-Lux to clients, when the person, who has received the content, is not its legitimate receiver.


3. Contact

  • 3.1. If you have any questions or proposals regarding Bonelli-Lux, please contact us at (+359 898 658 082) from Monday to Friday between 9:00 and 17:00 o’clock, or e-mail to
  • 3.2. Any comments, questions, opinions, ideas, proposals or others, concerning the web-site, its functionality or improvments, shall remain property of Bonelli Lux LTD.

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