Return Policy

Return Policy

Online store makes orders on the indiviual request from the klients. We don't have produkts in stock. This is why we don't accept return orders. You can only exchange your delivared order with in a term of 14 days after receiving the goods. You may return the product for exchange under the condition that it has not been used, that it is clean, has no side odors (such as a cream or perfume), is accompanied with a packaging, label and a proof of purchasing (received upon the delivery).


The product is to be sent to the following address:

Bonelli Lux LTD


Plovdiv 4000

26 D-r G. М. Dimitrov 26 Str.


A purchasing proof is to be attached to the shipment in the form of an invoice, received together with the shipment. 

If the described terms are not observed, the claim shall not be considered.

The delivery costs for the product claimed for returning shall be at the expense of the client.

After receiving goods sent back , we'll send you a confurmation email.

You have to place a new order on the same or higher value and pay with bank transfer only if there is a difference.

If all return condition are met, we will process your new order.

A product, which returning or claim we may not accept (if sent after the term specified; if it is not accompanied by a purchasing proof in the form of an invoice, or has no labels, no packaging; if it is dirty) shall be sent back to the Client at their own expense.

If a product is returned due to damages or factory defects after the determined 14-day term as of the date of purchasing, it shall be transferred to a merchandise expert only provided that it is accompanied by a purchasing proof (invoice and a bill of lading of UPS).

Claims related to mechanical damages, having originated during the transportation, shall be considered only on the grounds of a Claim Protocol, prepared in the presence of the Courier.

Shipments containing returned goods, which due to unsuitable packaging, have been damaged during the transportation, shall be returned to the client at their own expense. We are kindly asking you not to forget to diligently pack and provide for the entirety of the shipment.

The luxury packaging represents a service that is not subject to claims. In case of a claim or goods replacement, we kindly ask you not send us the luxury packaging.


For additional questions you may phone us at: Customer Service:

+359 878 658 086

+359 898 658 082

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All orders are made by individual customer request!
We pay particular attention to the quality of performance!
In case of dissatisfaction, only exchange is possible!


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